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Budd Seed Company

Jonathan Annas and Todd McPeak are seasoned veterans of the Turfgrass Seed Industry. They had met each other and worked at Budd Seed Company. The company was a leading provider of high-quality seed brands directed primarily towards major retail outlets, under the Rebel and Palmer's Pride brands. The company enjoyed a strong presence in the southeastern United States.

Mr. Annas and Mr. McPeak expressed a strong desire to own/operate a business of their own ...

Nivek, Inc.

In 1993, three entrepreneurs formed Nivek, a small, agronomic business that marketed/sold fertilizer, pesticides, turfgrass seed, and related products in and surrounding the Greensboro metropolitan area. The small business eventually was acquired by IKEX, Inc.


The company was founded in 1993 by Ike Lewis (father) and Exum Lewis (son). IKEX had quietly become one of the dominant distributors of turfgrass seed, pesticides, erosion control supplies, and geotextiles nationwide. IKEX acquired Nivek and immediately sold a 49% stake in the subsidiary to Jonathan Annas and Todd McPeak in July 2004.

Mr. Annas and Mr. McPeak equipped their operation with only nine employees and a desire to succeed. Their original location was a 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse and offices located at 7302 Cessna Drive, Greensboro, NC. They quickly capitalized on their sales effort, which generated enough revenue to purchase the remaining 51% share of the business from IKEX in December 2005.

Green Resource, LLC

The principals of the company decided to rename their company to Green Resource to better reflect the nature of their business.

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